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Burnside Project

Burnside Project is primarily Richard Jankovich. With the help of some friends, some instruments, a sampler, and a sensitive mind, he has created an album of shimmering beat-laden indie rock songs. When you mix indie rock and trip hop, the results can be disastrous. What do you call it? Indie hop? Trip Rock? Regardless of labels, Burnside Project succeeds in extracting the best qualities of each genre and combining them creatively without doing disservice to either.

Jankovich's voice is often plaintive and always honest, as he sings about love, apathy, and regret with a dark sense of humor. Jankovich cites Pavement's Pavement and the The Replacements' Paul Westerberg as influences on his guitar style, and those artists' angularly catchy pop sensibilities permeate the "rock" portions of the songs. The jangly guitar and subdued bass are paired seamlessly with sampled beats, layers of organ, synthesized orchestral sounds, and samples, which round out the songs and complement their structure rather than overwhelming it. Burnside Project neatly balances the personal, confessional quality of indie pop with the syncopated beats and structure of dance music. The songs sound almost downright perky until you listen a bit closer and catch the poignancy lurking just beneath the surface.

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