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Burd Early

Burd Early hails from the Big Apple, but you'd never know it from his voice or his songs, which sound like stuff you'd be more likely to hear on the front steps of a falling-down farmhouse at the end of a long dirt road. This one-man band, the alias of songwriter James Angelos, offers a brand of sun-baked melancholia heavily steeped in Americana roots. At the same time, Burd Early possesses a bedroom pop ethic that allows drum machines and keyboards to coexist with doodling cowboy guitars, tinkling saloon piano, and gentle snare drum rhythms. Angelos sews the elements together seamlessly, creating rich pieces more complex than they initially seem, anchoring them with plaintive little narratives.

The young singer-songwriter has self-released a pair of LPs, Worm without End in 1999 and Magnet Mountain in 2000, the latter of which the Austin-cum-Brooklyn label Western Vinyl re-released in 2002. Also in 2002, Burd Early issued the Observatory EP on King Crab Records.