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Bunkbed specializes in the raw, tight-chested, moist-eyed emotions of late adolescence and early adulthood. The Bay Area group's sound starts with a loose, steady acoustic or electric guitar strum and gentle, searching male vocals, both courtesy of Keith Krate, the band's leader and principal songwriter. Then the rest of the group builds layers of melodious indie rock instrumentation: John Baty offers drums and percussion, Marcy Saude plays confident, rich bass lines and occasional organ parts, and Saude and Elizabeth Yi provide sweet, understated, at times ethereal female backing vocals. It adds up to a lovely, rich but delicate sound drenched with yearning and lonesomeness. Bunkbed might remind you of a few other gloomy indie bands of recent years -- Red House Painters and Codeine both come to mind -- but, from brooding distortion to chiming beauty, their sound is definitely their own. In 2000 Bunkbed issued their first full-length, Nothing Ever Lasts, which features "The Blunders" and "Dead Eyes Open." The band has also released a seven-inch, "Substance Abuse," which features guest vocals from Jen Wood.

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