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Built To Spill

If you like music, you'll like Built to Spill. Bold statement? Perhaps... But it's true. BTS singer and guitarist Doug Martsch writes pop songs that are always compelling, often inspiring, and occasionally perfect. The Normal Years collects singles, outtakes, and compilation tracks from the band's early years. Urgent, essential pop gems ("Shortcut," "Joyride") nestle between gut-wrenching love songs ("Car") and intricate epics ("Terrible Perfect"), all of which feature Martsch's dazzling guitar and plaintive vocals.

The featured song, "Still Flat," originally appeared on the Red, Hot, and Bothered: An Indie Rock Guide To Dating compilation in 1995. If it isn't a perfect song, it's darn close. If you like what you hear, check out Martsch's other work with the Treepeople and The Halo Benders.