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Bug Orchestra

The European electronic music boom of the late '80s proved irresistible for Fabrice Lig, a young DJ and producer from Charleroi, just outside Brussels. Having picked up DJing in his mid-teens, Lig began building his home studio and soon released his debut release as Interwaves on the Music Man label. At this time techno ruled the airwaves, but Lig's uncompromising style was closer to Detroit's Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins, and Blake Baxter than to his European counterparts. Indeed, Fabrice Lig was the first white artist to record on Kevin Saunderson's KMS imprint, prompting Mike Banks to declare him "a part of Detroit's dance music history."

Since then, Lig has produced twisted techno, atmospheric house, and earth-shattering electro under a variety of guises (Bug Orchestra, Mauler, Playonasm, South Union, R.S.P., Deep Forces...) for a variety of imprints (7th City, Raygun, Deep4Life, Residual, F Communications, V2, Foreplay...), making him one of the most important future-music pioneers of our time. He reserves the Bug Orchestra moniker for his electro workouts, primarily for Detroit's Raygun, New York's Seratonin, and Chicago's Deep4Life. "You Like This Machine?" is one of 15 tracks taken from Electro Shop on Raygun.

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