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Buck (U.S.)

Buck is a member of the, dare I say it, old-school fraternity. The Leaf Recordings label is his own creation along with partner in crime T, who heads the Vancouver end of the project. Based in San Francisco, Buck has slowly but surely built up his underground label with timeless releases from the likes of DJ Rasoul and other prominent local artists. While releases are painfully limited, the quality assurance is at a premium with all his outputs.

"West Coast Movement" is one of Buck's few personal projects and pays homage to the current hotbed of deep house production, from the Bay Area all the way down to Huntington Beach and beyond. This track blends the old with the new and as such will appeal to a wide variety of connoisseurs, especially those who find favor with labels Seasons, Dufflebag, and Tweekin. A quality release from the land of Buck that sums up the house sound of San Francisco.