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Buck (Sweden)

Buck blasts out of Sweden with raw, ragged, emotional rock that mixes Chapel Hill's finest lo-fi college rock with oh-so-sincere Midwestern power pop. But around the edges and in between the cracks, you'll hear some keyboards and programming (and occasionally some other interesting sounds as well), which provide an interesting tension with the band's fuzzily emotional punk-inflected indie rock. Buck also slows things down from time to time, opting for the occasional quiet instrumental interlude or raspy, world-weary ballad. Still, the agreeably distorted, toe-tapping melodies, underpinned by an energetic, high-octane rhythm section, are the band's musical spine.

Singer/guitarist Ted Fransson and drummer Richard Blank founded Buck in the southwestern Swedish town of Arlingsås in 1997 after parting ways with their old punk band. In time, they recruited bassist Mikey Lennartsson and guitarist Jacob Albinson. The quartet issued their debut album, Your Guide to Better Lies, featuring the explosive "Breakdown," in 2000. "East Coast Gave Me a Tan" is from their second album, Hello Holland, which was released in late 2001.

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