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Don't mess with Brujeria. Their music is filled with thick, chugging, raw demonic power that may have you checking your shoulder to see if the devil is perched there. And maybe he is, screaming controlled chaos into your ears as a phalanx of guitars chugs out of the pits of hell and straight into your soul. Or maybe that sound is just coming from your headphones.

The members of Brujeria are a shadowy group of mysterious dark avengers. Since 1989, they have been spreading their powerful sound and message across Mexico and beyond. But sometimes the Man doesn't want it heard: after "Don Quijote Marijuana" spent three weeks at the top of the radio charts, the Mexican government banned it from all radio playlists. It hasn't been banned here, though, so check it out for yourself. The song is a 180-degree turn away from Brujeria's usual sound: imagine being trapped in a big stoner video game, milling around, looking for something to eat, and you're almost there.

"Marcha De Odio" ("March of Hate") channels the black spirit through a metal legacy. The relentless guitars and demonic vocals are reminiscent of Ministry or Ministry, but the message is pure Brujeria. Consider yourself warned.

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