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Broken Spindles

Broken Spindles is the brainchild and side project of Joel Peterson, bassist for the Omaha, Nebraska-based '80s retro neo-new wave band The Faint. Broken Spindles first came into existence in November 2001 when Peterson was asked to make some music for a video piece his friend was working on. After finishing three songs for the video (which were ultimately never used) Peterson felt motivated enough to begin working on more tracks, thus giving birth to Broken Spindles. With its sparse beats, synthesizer ambience, and the retro dance aesthetic reminiscent of acts like Front Line Assembly, Front 242, and Kraftwerk, Broken Spindles' music is just the ticket for fans of the currently popular '80s retro dance revival. Broken Spindles offers more than just a programmed sound, also making use of an array of more traditional instruments, like piano, hammer dulcimer, glockenspiel, and vibraphone to come up with a sound that is more than mere mimicry of days past. With its original take on '80s nostalgia, Broken Spindles will help you remember the cooler things that came out of the decade everyone used to love to hate.

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