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Brent Laurence

Seattle's Brent Laurence is a legend in his hometown. His recordings for established house labels such as Freshly Baked, Nervous, Freeze, Maxi Tracks, and Sound Of Music have gained considerable play from the likes of Paul "Trouble" Anderson and Doc Martin and have received excellent reviews across the board. He established his own label, Tilted Recordings, in the late '90s to showcase the new deep house sound that has been taking the West Coast by storm. Since its inception, the label has released works from eminent artists such as Miguel Migs and Marc Jellybear, Maureen Parker, Chris Lum, and Fog City Players (Jay J. and Marques Wyatt).

You may recognize Laurence from his work under one of his production guises which include Freshly Baked Productions, House Dawgs, and Restless Motion, but he records under his own name for Tilted. "Union" and "Slow Ride," taken from his Musique De Puget Sound EP, are classic sounding garage house influenced gems. "Union" rocks with infectious brass loops, subtle keys, and deep raw beats. "Slow Ride" is deep and moody, perfect for the late night set. This man has the house groove inside him and his work is fresh, honest and highly infectious. Suck it and see.