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Bratmobile was an integral part of the riot grrrl movement in the early '90s that helped teach the world that male dominance in music and society was unacceptable. Along with bands like Bikini Kill, Bratmobile launched their message in a distinct, brash, often minimal sound. The message cut through loud and clear, helping to develop several movements by women, and this message was basically that girls weren't going to take the sexist oppressive bullshit that men and society were often dishing out. As the riot grrl movement grew and grew, and bands like Bratmobile multiplied expotentially. Bratmobile broke up in 1994, with Molly Neuman going on to play in the PeeChees while Allison Wolfe and Erin Smith reconvened in Cold Cold Hearts.

But Bratmobile reformed in 1999 to open live dates with Sleater-Kinney. The following year they released the greatly anticipated Ladies, Women and Girls. Bratmobile was back in action on the road and in the studio, and in the summer of 2002 released Girls Get Busy. The lyric, "Baby, I don't hate men/I just hate the things they do" appears on the album, and it pretty much sums up what Bratmobile wants you to know, along with some very clear stances on politics and social issues. This New Wave-influenced album adds bass and keyboards to the mix, helping reiterate the movement the band started over a decade ago.