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Brassy is a fitting moniker for this young quartet -- they're shrill, full of energy, and in your face. Truly a 21st century musical act, Brassy mixes and matches styles with the very best, stitching a crazy patchwork of punk aggression, tons of turntable and beatbox action, impertinent garage guitars, distorted kinda-hip hop vocals, and driving dance beats. The quartet, featuring American expatriate vocalist/guitarist Muffin Spencer (Jon's sister) and native Limeys Stefan Gordon (guitar), Karen Frost (bass), and Jonny Barrington aka DJ Swett (drums and decks), got started in Manchester and quickly developed a cult following thanks to thanks to a series of punchy singles and raucous, high-energy live shows. The group's highly anticipated 2000 debut album, Got It Made, delivered the goods with 17 raw, funky tracks, including the scratch-heavy anthem "I Can't Wait."