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Braid got its start in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois in the early '90s after singer Bob Nanna placed an ad looking for people to trade live shows with in the punk rock fanzine Maximum Rock 'n' Roll and met drummer Roy Ewing. After working with several musicians, including guitarist Pete Havranek and bassist Jay Ryan, Ewing's friend Todd Bell came on board, along with vocalist/guitarist Chris Broach. Together, this quartet helped define the much-maligned "emo" genre in the second half of the '90s. Their sound is an infectious riot of great hooks, tight dangerous rhythms, and sheer emotional power that updates the strident propulsive energy of early Fugazi and the taut melodic punk of Jawbox. Braid gets right down to the essence of late adolescent passion and angst in a way no other band does.

Braid released three full-length albums, 1995's Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5, 1996's The Age of Octeen (after which drummer Ewing departed and was replaced by Damon Atkinson), and 1998's Frame and Canvas, as well as numerous seven-inches, before breaking up in 1999. Subsequently, Nanna, Bell, and Atkinson continued on in the band Hey Mercedes while Broach formed The Firebird Band (as well as Chicago-based Lucid Records). Though Braid is no more, they continue to issue posthumous releases with greater regularity than most extant bands. In 2000, Braid issued Lucky To Be Alive and the two CD Movie Music.

"Eeyore and Easel" comes from Frankie Welfare Boy Age 5. "The New Nathan Detroits" and "The Consolation Prizefighter" come from Frame & Canvas. "Do You Love Coffee?" and "Please Drive Faster" are culled from Movie Music Volumes 1 & 2.