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Bowery Electric

Lushlife, the third full-length release from this New York-based drone-rock bliss-out duo, finds them diving even deeper into a reservoir of electronic influences than they did on their last record, the highly acclaimed Beat. Bowery Electric still retains the radiant guitar noise of their previous records, establishing kinship with seminal noise pop groups like My Bloody Valentine and Lush, while simultaneously wandering further into Portishead and 12 Rounds territory by mixing up samples and live instrumentation and setting everything to sensuous dance beats. Vocalist/bassist Martha Schwendener's whispery voice will raise the hair on the back of your neck while onetime Lamonte Young protégé Lawrence Chandler's guitar swirls around it like celestial debris orbiting a bright, cold planet. Bowery Electric's sound will envelop you, and before long you'll be drunk with it.