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Bovine Life

U.K. filmmaker and digital artist Chris Dooks was initially known for his documentaries about musicians in Britain. After a debilitating disease left him bedridden in 1999, Dooks turned to making music. Using the internet to collaborate with everyone from Kóhn to The Third Eye Foundation, Dooks released his first Bovine Life full-length, Social Electrics, on BiP_HOp in September of 2001. In addition to the above-mentioned collaborations, Social Electrics features "Maeow" with Duodecimo, "The Smiles of God" with Nathaniel "Chief" Forrest, as well as numerous solo Dooks tracks such as "Sweepea" and "Weak Latte Symphony."

"Ardeionaig" comes from Bip-Hop Generation v.3, a collection featuring Neotropic, Pimmon, Zonk't, Atau Tanaka, and Novel 23. The track bears some similarity to the work of Console or Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works, Vol 1. It has a decidedly retro feel, but it's definitely on the experimental side of the spectrum.

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