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Boswick Gates

Boswick Gates is the latest act to be signed to Second Skin's artist roster, which already includes Dogs Deluxe, Fifa, and Lexi Love. Boswick Gates' two members, Charlie Tate and Simon Richmond, are proficient in that specifically London phenomenon known as 2-step garage. Released on Second Skin, "You Are The Reason" was licensed by Om for a new CD series entitled Environments. The compilation combines diverse elements of drum and bass, dub and downtempo courtesy of artists such as Telefuzz, Landslide (Hospital), Radar, and Ming + FS. "You Are The Reason," a blunted, atmospheric 2-stepper, was previously featured on Second Skin's Skinful Vol. 4 compilation, alongside tracks from Palmskin Productions, King Kooba, Grand Unified, aFRO-mYSTIK, and Meat Katie.

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