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Books Lie

Straight outta Brooklyn, Books Lie is a great hardcore band that recalls the days when punk rock had both a powerful political agenda and a strong sense of humor. This group has both in spades (as succinctly evidenced by their song "Capitalism Is Some Kinda Crazy Ass Vampire") as well as a blistering, frenetic rock attack. The vocals just explode from your stereo, accompanied by lacerating guitars that could cut glass and furiously chugging rhythms. Anthemic? That's an understatement. You might hear hints of Bad Brains, Avail, Antioch Arrow, and a host of shoot-from-the-hip punk bands that have punished audiences over the years, but mostly what you'll hear is a whole lot of Books Lie. The band's debut LP, It a Weapon came out in 2000.

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