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San Diego's Boilermaker roils with the purple-faced passions which inevitably make fools of so many of us. Voices crack in the time-honored manner of lonely teenage boys, while guitars churn out seductively subtle rhythms. It's a sound not so distant from Sunny Day Real Estate, another pioneering emotional indie rock ensemble which emerged simultaneously on the West Coast. Such similarly minded ensembles as Jimmy Eat World and The New Amsterdams have cited Boilermaker as a primary influence. Boilermaker's albums convince with their focus and lack of pretension. Steeped in the emo aesthetic, the album's musicianship transcends your expectations of all things punk.

Boilermaker has been an integral part of the thriving San Diego music scene since the early '90s. After the inevitable inceptive series of limited seven-inch vinyl releases and compilation tracks, Boilermaker put out a pair of full-length albums, Watercourse and Wallace's Shadow, on Goldenrod Records in 1995 and '96. After their celebrated 1998 self-titled effort on Wrenched Records, Boilermaker retreated into hiding, its members burnt out by the grind of constant touring and the demands of the "scene."

Thankfully, the group's extended hibernation revitalized it. In 2000, Boilermaker's members reconvened and put together a retrospective called Leucadia, named, appropriately enough, after the band's hometown north of San Diego. Produced by the celebrated Mark Trombino (ex-Drive Like Jehu), Leucadia features cuts from each of the band's first three albums, plus a pair of new songs which should be seen as a preview of coming attractions.

All three tracks featured here appear on Leucadia. "Trunk" originally came from Watercourse, while "Norman" and "Sunset Ridge" both came from Boilermaker's self-titled album.

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