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Bochum Welt

Martians And Spaceships is the first Fuzzy Box release from Gianluigi Di Constanzo (aka Bochum Welt). Di Constanzo brings with him to Fuzzy Box an impressive resume of releases on foreign labels Sony Music Japan, TRC-Warner Chapel, Axodya, Kromode, and his friend Richard James's label Rephlex. The EP was recorded entirely on computer in Milan, London and San Mateo, California at Beatnik Studios, where Di Constanzo works as a sound designer and programmer for Beatnik, Inc., the company founded by seminal '80s synth-pop icon Thomas Dolby.

Bochum Welt credits Dolby and Beatnik with "helping him during the implementation of these recordings," and James (more relevantly identified asAphex Twin) with aiding him in the programming of "Interlude." He combines his singular vision as a solo artist with a penchant for bright, clean synthesized sounds and classical-influenced composition reminiscent of the '80s Euro-pop of the Eurythmics, Yaz, and OMD.

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