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Bobby Birdman

Bobby Birdman is the 1960s, surfer-throwback alternate identity of Rob Kieswetter. Kieswetter is a regular Portland, Oregon all-star who has been recording his atmospheric music for Hush Records since 2001. He broke into the indie rock scene with a 1997 release called To The Rescue with his first band (this is a great band name) Badical Turbo Radness. After the band's demise in 1998, Kieswetter used his creative guitar tickling and experimental ideas to create the sound of Bobby Birdman. His sound is distinctly "West Coast" with its laid-back, languid, looping backbeats.

Let Me In has many examples of "West Coast" cool, especially in its opening track "I Must Admit That I Love You." Opening with a distorted cymbal sample followed by some galaxy-traveling feedback, this sweet track might make your teeth hurt. Kieswetter displays his beautifully hushed style of singing throughout the disc while also giving you a newfound respect for spacious sound. There is not a crowded moment on the album, yet you never feel lonely or anxious. Overall, the disc will allow you travel through time, make you understand the wisdom of hollow instrumentation with styled vocal work, and even inspire you to create a '60s style nickname for yourself. I think I would really enjoy being called Sandy Flipflop.

Bobby Birdman could be considered the poster child for the Hush Records artist roster's anti-rock theme with his sparse and quiet instrumentation attached at the hip to featherweight but beautiful vocals. Rob Kieswetter is a creative and gentle songwriter with a knack for catching the experimental ear.

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