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Bob Manning

This guy has a better pedigree than most Cruffs winners. Originally hailing from Virgina, Bob Manning has supported James Brown at the legendary Apollo Theatre, and has also worked with such luminaries as Gladys Knight and the Drifters. With that resume, Manning has an unusually well-rounded music background from which to embark on his modern electronic endeavors.

After moving from the U.S. over to Sweden, Manning began working with many top Swedish blues and soul artists. In February 1999, he signed to Dancebeat Records. Manning's track, "Shine on You," is the first release this deal has spawned. It shows what can transpire when old school soul meets new school dance: bouncy, housed-out techno funkiness that's both classy and club-friendly, with a dash of trance tossed in. The song appears on the Swedish psychedelic trance compilation Aurora, and its trancier elements help it mesh with the rest of the album quite nicely!

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