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Bluetip plays pure, unadulterated rock, mixing sneering vocals with wailing guitars and stop-start time changes that will rock you like a hurricane. OK, maybe not like a hurricane. But they will knock you off your chair and onto your feet, so don't be surprised when you find yourself in a pogoing frenzy. This is fierce, angular post-punk, melding the energy of Fugazi and Jawbox with an intense, swelling melodicism. It probably comes as no surprise that Ian MacKaye recorded their debut album, Dischord No. 101, and J. Robbins recorded both their second album, Join Us, and their five-song EP, Hot (-) Fast (+) Union. "Hot Fast Union" is the first song on that EP, and it charges out of the gates like a newly-discharged felon. Singer Jason Farrell (formerly of the seminal hardcore band Swiz) contorts his voice to meld with the intense guitars and pounding rhythm section, riding the manic time changes like a rubber skateboarder.

Bluetip is a bona fide touring machine, spending much of the year on the road, so catch the next time they ignite a venue near you.

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