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Forget what you've heard. Bluebird gives it up. They've been fermenting their own form and forms, squeezing life into and out of sound and song for days, years and hours now. Officially, Bluebird are a rock group from L.A.. They have been other things. They will become new things too. The Jim-and-Bryan-Brown-Brothers rhythm section, bound by fraternal blood, beats like a heart- steady, involuntary and vital. Bryan contributes his guitar playing and electronic beats in the studio and comes out from behind the kit to play vibes on stage. Jim plays the trumpet "freely" on stage and to dub effect on wax. Barry Thomas' minimalist apporach to composition and chords in tempered by his squalling Space-Echo enhanced sonic departures. In the daytime, he moves art even when it doesn't move him. Sam dances, plays percussion, and although he can wail, he isn't afraid to use his pretty pipes. Yes, there are hooks: the bombast and melody of their songwriting performs that rare task of captivation and movement via hum-ables that stick.

Bluebird return with their second CD release and first for Lovitt Records, displaying ingenuity in sound without being afraid to rock. With extensive dates under their belt, and more to come, the people will surely be knocking down the store shelves at their local record store looking for this one. A poignant release for the upcoming millenial destruction. Listen and achieve "Higher Atmosphere".

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