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Blue Sonix

Born in Buenos Aires, Rikki Blue (Blue Sonix) relocated to Britain when he was a wee toddler. He would have graduated from Surrey University with a degree in music with applied physics were it not for an excessive interest in unauthorized pharmaceutical research and a burning desire to set up his own record label. To keep his landlord at bay, Blue composed music for cartoons, TV shows, and independent films from his self-built studio. His real raison d'etre however, was to make drum and bass.

Blue's early works were picked up by DJ SS's New Identity imprint, and were featured heavily on the successful Jazz and Bass Sessions II compilation. With female vocalist Kirsty Willcocks, Blue produced "All My Life" and The Devil Inside EP, both firm favorites with U.K. drum and bass dons Grooverider and Fabio. Fabio was so impressed that he picked up a few tracks for his own label, Creative Source. Phuturistic Bluez was next, licensing "This Feeling" and "Come On" from their Boston base. "This Feeling" is classic car chase drum and bass. "Come On" is a jazzy track that would sound good lodged between Peshay's "Miles From Home" and almost anything by EZ Rollers.

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