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Blectum from Blechdom

It's frustrating to listen to Blectum from Blechdom, as they do their best to disfigure any number of boundaries, including the exclusivity that separates the squeaky clean sheen of techno and the lo-fi slop of so many indie-rock four-track recordings, the sexual predestination of girls and boys, and the accepted truisms of what is good and bad music. Kevin Blectum and Blevin Blechdom began collaborating at Mills College in what was the first in a series of happy accidents. The two were playing a gig in which Blectum was to fade out just before Blechdom started up, but instead Blectum's computerized sequences fell in perfect sync with Blechdom's sampler. Since then, the duo has performed a dozens of theatrical gigs and released a handful of recordings, with an album for Deluxe, a 12-inch for Kit Clayton's Orthlorng Musork, and a lathe-cut 10-inch for Dial Records.

Blectum from Blechdom's distorted drill and bass breaks and spasmodic-yet-sophisticated sample palettes are in step with the work from Lesser, Kid606, or even Aphex Twin. However, the duo's irreverence and truly warped sense of humor are rarely matched by anyone working in electronic music today. One of Blectum from Blechdom's more baffling numbers is a squiggly electronic collage that is layered with an embarrassing karaoke rendition of a boy-band pop hit as sung by a pair of awkward teenage girls.

"Detrecht Warping" and "Sheet Rubble" come from Deluxe Records' The Messy Jesse Fiesta. The untitled track from the Bad Music and Buttprints 10-inch on Dial Records features a whimsical splatter of digitized bleeping with the absolute worst hands-in-the-air house build ever. "Mummy Secret Storage" and "Caravan Voyager" come from their wild and spooky De Snaunted House release for Tigerbeat6. The remaining tracks comprise the entirety of the Blectums' debut EP on Orthlorng Musork, Snauses and Mallards. In September of 2001 Tigerbeat6 reissued Snauses and Mallards and De Snaunted House together on one CD, Haus de Snaus. To listen to Blechtum from Blechdom is to witness some poor sap getting kicked in the balls. Watch out, that poor sap might be you.