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Black Mob Group

Styles and trends come and go in hip hop faster than they do in couture, but the set of socioeconomic circumstances known as "the ghetto" remains a constant: depressed inner city zones throughout urban America, dominated by projects and Section 8 housing, stifling poverty that leaves little or no opportunity for upward mobility, the looming presence of gangs, drugs, and violent crime, and the often brutal loss of innocence at a far-too-early age. For some fans, the imagery of the ghetto that permeates "gangsta" rap is full of falsehoods, empty cliches, and studio contrivances. For others, especially some people of color, the images of the "ghetto" described by the "gangsta" represent the true character of everyday life, offering badges of authenticity and providing a natural backdrop for the stories and fables of today's rap.

The end of the playa and the gangsta may well be nigh, but in the world of The Capitol, Black Mob Group's stunning debut album, the gangsta lives on and the playa plays on. Undersiege, Taylor Boy, 4,5,6, Sinse, and the rest of the crew drop tales of coming of age, ghetto survival, and playas getting over on the dark side of Miami, Dade County. Trackmaster Tony Galvin lays down almost all of the album's tracks with a neck-breaking nod to Miami bass. Black Mob Group will appeal to fans of the "down South" style of icy, electronic grooves and staccato beats that meet drawling ghetto slang. They offer a potent reminder that Florida actually is part of the South.

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