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Billy Childish and Dan Melchior

For decades, English blues-punk troubadour Billy Childish has been advocating the greatness of direct expression and visceral power through his scads of minimal, dirty rock recordings. For the album Devil in the Flesh, he teamed up with one of his disciples, Midwestern neo-bluesman Dan Melchior, who for several years has headed a swamp rock ensemble known as Dan Melchior's Broke Review, featuring Childish collaborators Holly Golightly of Thee Headcoatees and Bruce Brand of Thee Headcoats. Backed by Headcoatee Kyra LaRubia on drums, the atavistic duo rips through a dozen dank, dirty electric blues numbers, most of them Melchior or Childish originals. The sound quality is so primitive you could call it "anti-fi." Their gritty songs, recorded on Childish's "half-track," achieve the feeling of a hot sunset viewed through streaked, grimy windows.