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During its brief (1988-1989) bright lifespan, New York City's Beyond made hardcore the way it's supposed to be made: loud, fast, aggressive, and bristling with youth angst spinning wildly out of control. Either you're too old to appreciate this, or you're not. Fans of the NYC youth crew scene -- including Judge, Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, and the Cro-Mags -- should already know and love Beyond. If you missed them the first time around, don't make the same mistake twice.

The three songs featured here ("Vitality," "Effort/Ancient Head," and "One Kind Word") are the versions that appeared on the 1989 full-length No Longer at Ease. Demo versions of the same songs originally appeared on the 1988 Dew It demo, which is also included on the Some Records CD version of No Longer at Ease. That CD's 24 tracks represent Beyond's entire output, a shining reminder of the great promise of NYC hardcore. Though the featured songs are slightly more polished than the demos, they still capture the aggressive spirit, wounded energy, and purity of intent that made Beyond so powerful.

Members of Beyond went on to be in Inside Out, Burn, Orange 9mm, Shelter, Bold, and Quicksand. Oh, and bassist Vic Dicara became a Hare Krishna. So do your dharma and download now.

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