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Beth Hirsch

Beth Hirsch first came to fame thanks to Messrs. Nicolas Godin and Jean Benoit Dunkel of the electronic kitsch-pop group Air, who heard her debut EP, Miner's Son, and promptly enlisted her to sing on Air's first album, Moon Safari. Fans of that album shouldn't come to Hirsch's solo stuff expecting for the sultry, Moog-heavy, Francophile bounce of "Sexy Boy" or "You Make It Easy," however. On her own, Hirsch works mostly in the Sarah McLachlan vein, with simple, folk-inspired arrangements that serve to highlight her considerable vocal talents. Her songs don't overreach though, subtly imparting their raw, violet poeticism over a backdrop of delicate acoustic guitar, silky cello, and simple piano. Hirsch's first full-length record is Early Days, featuring "Come a Day."

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