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Berliner Theorie

Sam Auinger and Rupert Huber formed Berliner Theorie out of a mutual interest in the artistic possibilities of radio. The two met while working for non-commercial radio in separate Viennese towns. The duo uses radio as both a medium and an instrument to create musical landscapes that are raw, exposed, and wide open to interpretation. Like AMM and other avant-garde groups, Berliner Theorie investigates ambient sound space through improvisation and homemade instruments.

"Miles," taken from Staalplaat's Berliner Theorie Live album, owes much to the early tape works of Steve Reich. While experimenting with tape loops in the early 1960s, Reich noticed that if two loops were played simultaneously on different tape machines, the slight variation in speed between the two machines would cause the loops to gradually fall in and out of sync with each other. The process became known as "phase shifting," a constantly changing and fascinating musical effect that served as a cornerstone for the Minimalist movement. With "Miles," recorded live in Linz, Austria, Berliner Theorie picks up where Reich left off with "Come Out" (1965) and "It's Gonna Rain" (1966), adding a subtle electronic effect. Don't miss out on this unique sonic experience.

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