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Bent Leg Fatima

Come all ye faithful and unfaithful, angels and deviants, saints and sinners, witness to the sound of Bent Leg Fatima. From the placid outskirts of New York, Bent Leg Fatima has created a world entirely their own within the last few years. Their presence in an often drab music scene has been a shining diamond in a sea of granite. Philadelphia's brotherly love has particularly embraced the Fatima. Lounge Records introduced the band with an amazing seven-inch in 1998, and soon they were featured on a Mass Transfer compilation and then a seven-inch on England's Moshi Moshi Records.

With one foot planted in their musical heritage and the other kicking the ass of futurity, the sound that is Bent Leg Fatima is near inexplicable. On their self-titled debut album released by File 13 Records, Bent Leg takes from both the psychedelic pop of Syd Barrett and the ragtime blues of Captain Beefheart and then the technique and grace of Gastr del Sol.

Fatima manages to maintain something quite unique in a dire music world burnt out on minimalism and post-everything.