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Bent Halos

Bent Halos is a collaboration between two of San Francisco?s longtime heroes of the deep house scene, Astral Matrix and DJ Galen (of Pacific Soundsystem fame). While Astral Matrix has had many productions on both his own label O.O.B.E., and on a plethora of other labels, DJ Galen is best known for his eclectic sets in and around San Francisco. He and DJ Solar have been throwing the infamous (and of course free) Sunset parties for the best part of a decade. The Sunset parties are to the Bay Area what DIY is to Nottingham, namely a place where you will find a mixed bunch of young and old heads dancing for free to the best music played by the best DJs.

?Bent Halos? comes in raw and dub forms, both of which will please those of the deeper persuasion. The main mix uses straightforward four-to-the-floor beats, solid congo patterns, and a low-slung bass that would you find on a Drop or Toko release. The warm, psychedelic synth washes are signature Matrix, adding that specific S.F. touch that has had the A&R men reaching for their mobile phones of late. If it is possible, the ?Bent Dub? takes the mood even deeper, with muted bass and slow sweeping chords. If you like the labels Mantis, Drop, and DIY and the Nottingham house sound, you should check this for sure!

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