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Los Angeles-based Benett exemplifies all that is good about independent pop. She offers bright, accessible melodies, lots of whimsy, quirky innovation, plenty of fun instruments, and an intimate bedroom sound that makes you feel like she's playing in your house. Benett's full name is Benett Rogers and she's been referred to as the "underground Britney Spears," which you can take to mean whatever you like. But you can be sure that despite the sweet girlishness of Benett's singing voice, Britney would fail to see her likeness in these fuzzy Moogs and spacey multi-tracked guitars, as the reference points for these deliciously offbeat songs tend more toward The Ronettes, Brian Eno, and The Go-Go's.

After briefly fronting a band called Charles Brown Superstar, Bennet made her first record, So You're Not Coming Over, in 1998 with assistance from producer extraordinaire Tom Grimley, who has also worked with Beck, The Rentals, That Dog, and Jen Wood, among others. He's back on the boat for the delightful Benett follow-up, 2002's Welcome to the Jungle.

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