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After the meltdown of Don Caballero, many wondered what the band's drummer Damon Che, one of the most interesting and technically proficient percussionists around, would do next. It was hard to imagine anything rivaling the originality and sheer skill of Don Cab. But soon Che's friend and ex-Touch and Go labelmate Agostino Tilotta, guitarist of the disbanded Uzeda, sent a communique and the two began laying plans. The duo then began writing music and performing live together as Bellini. Months later, they completed the lineup with former Uzeda singer Giovanna Cacciola and Matthew Taylor, who has added a thunderous complement to the kick drum with his bass guitar. As the group's sound developed, Bellini inevitably became a force of power and sheer volume.

Recorded by Steve Albini, the group's debut album Snowing Sun has a sound much like Shellac record, as did Uzeda albums. But the guitar here is bewildering beyond anything Albini or Uzeda ever accomplished. And of course the abundant brutal double bass and infinite fills from Mr. Che are mind-melting. While at their apex Bellini offers perplexingly intense math rock, the group also pays careful attention to the quieter and more avant-garde side of things, offering breaks filled of delicate accordions and weird keyboard squawks -- which are eventually drowned by the thunderously loud rock that is the essence of Bellini.