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Bedroom Heroes

If they played a different kind of music, you might accuse San Diego's Bedroom Heroes of tacky bravado in their choice of name, but the fact is that these fellows play some of the most sensitive indie rock you're likely to find. The quartet favors midtempo compositions with burbling rhythms, lots of shimmering melancholic guitars, and the occasional cool splash of keyboards, mining rock territory bounded by the thinking man's emo of groups like Rainer Maria and Sunny Day Real Estate on one side and the anthemic guitar-pop loss of Radiohead's first two albums on the other. In fact, vocalist Ryland Bouchard?s singing style is uncanny in his ability to emulate Thom Yorke's trademark tear-soaked caterwaul. The band's debut album Sea Change surfaced on Swim Slowly Records in 2001. Bouchard also has a solo project called Kilmore Trout.

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