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You could describe Toronto artist Barzin's music as slowcore, but the epithet doesn't really do justice to the depth and intelligence of his compositions. His thoughtful arrangements and gentle melodies often show shades of keening American country-rock and pensive British folk in addition to the morose downtempo indie rock suggested by the word "slowcore"; consequently Barzin's songs have a timelessness, a certain universality rarely found in music of this ilk. The same could be said of his lyrics; they're graceful, economical, and carefully considered, sometimes calling to mind the poetry of another somewhat better known Canadian songwriter named Leonard Cohen.

On his self-titled debut album, Barzin enlists the aid of a number of fellow Ontarians, including drummer Sam Cino (King Cobb Steelie) and bassist Brett Higgins (Beyond the Pale). Barzin initially self-released the lovely, measured seven-song affair; it was later picked up by Montreal-based Where Are My Records and France's Ocean Music.

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