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Bare Beats

Introduced to the Canadian underground hip-hop scene via a chance meeting with Modulok in 2006, Bare Beats has become a sonic force behind not only some of the UK's illest emcees, but Canada's as well - Abiade, Smokey, Kal Sereouz, Modulok, Apollo Creed, and SJ the Wordburglar to name a few. Two of his more notable releases are Modulok's Two Citites (2008) and The Traffic EP (2010).

In 2008 Bare Beats headed into new musical territory with the formation of The Kemistry. Primarily a collaborative effort between himself and vocalist Kemi, the pair has been incorporating a live band and various other emcees into their live performances, which tend to flirt with trip-hop and downtempo, yet ultimately defying categorization. Although Bare Beats admits his first love with always be underground hip-hop, The Kemistry has broadened his fan base through their groundbreaking live shows and a string of EPs (2009's The Tour and The Core and 2010's The Jumble), creating an intense buzz in the London underground music scene.

Bare Beats has continued to expand his musical output both as a solo artist and as a beatmaker. Recent years have seen Bare Beats dabbling in dub, glitch, and dubstep territory while staying rooted in a hip-hop foundation. Upcoming projects include a series of solo EPs, a new full-length from The Kemistry, and new projects with Modulok, Baracuda, and Smokey. All the while, Beats continues to run his online radio show, Bare Radio.

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