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Blue Hawaii, The Diminisher, and Marta Tennae are the crux of the improvisational chaos that is Bablicon. They use every noisemaker they can get their hands on to explore the boundaries of the sonic spectrum. Their trippy jaunts are noisy and free spirited, moving from prog-pop to free jazz to theatrical noise. Bablicon works within the confines of Truckstop Studio in Chicago, a building largely known for its output of improvisation and experimental recordings on avant-garde labels like Skin Graft, Truckstop, and Atavistic. Artists such as Cheer-Accident, The Vandermark 5, and Need New Body (a group recorded by Blue Hawaii are central players in this community of free music.

Bablicon's body of work has been curated by the NYC-based Misra Records. Bablicon's first album, In A Different City, is their noisiest and contains the most standard structures. The free noise swells into a frenzy and then into a bouncy melody from the nether regions of the mind. Their second album, Orange Tapered Moon, takes off on the previous album with a frantic on-edge pop song, but then soon dissipates into strands of wild noise. The trio's third album A Flat Inside A Fog, The Cat That Was A Dog is as rambling and free-spirited as its name. The 65-minute piano-driven epic was actually quite composed on tour before the group entered the studio, but such tactics are somewhat new to Bablicon's recorded repertoire. The result is still winding and freewheeling, but with a quieter, more spacious and melodic focus.

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