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B. Fleischmann

Born in Vienna in 1975, B. Fleischmann got his start as a drummer, touring with bands all over Austria. In early 1998 he decided to dedicate himself wholly to electronic music. Since then, he's carved a niche for himself among a sea of Powerbook wannabes. Using live drums, acoustic instruments, and sublime electronic melodies, Fleischmann creates warm blankets of sound rather than cold industrial landscapes. His songs shine in their simplicity, building with each additional layer while refraining from over-indulging the listener and muddying the palette. This is music that yearns to be listened to not just heard. Fleischmann writes, "The aim of the songs is to close the eyes and open the ears." Here, here to that!

"Aube" is Fleischmann's contribution to the French compilation BiP-HOp Generation v.2, which features exclusive music from Arovane, Warmdesk, Kohn, Wang Inc., and Laurent Pernice.

"It's All So" is culled from Fleischmann's Fuzzy Box album, A Choir of Empty Beds.