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Automaton Adventure Series

Automaton Adventure Series is here to wake your lazy ass up. They're from Seattle, the breeding ground for great bands and WTO protesters. After Olympia, Washington's Galleon Key Records released their first seven-inch single in the fall of 1998, Boulder-based Satellite Transmissions released their debut full-length Futura Transmitta in 1999. Produced by Northwest superstars Phil Ek and Steve Wold, the album is a shifting blend of noise, proggy punk rock, rhythmic mayhem, and social commentary. Automaton Adventure Series isn't afraid to bend a note or warp a tuning scale until it screams: anything goes in their carefully crafted blend of art and noise. However, it isn't all vicious pummelling. There are moments of calm in this turbulent indie rock sea. But only moments, until biting vocals or slashing guitars burst through the lull, building a mountain of sound.

Automaton Adventure Series mixes subtle and clever samples and trumpet flourishes in with the m?lange of guitar, drums, and bass. But make no mistake: just because they have trumpets, don't lump them in with the Elephant Six collective (bands like The Olivia Tremor Control). This is churning, multilayered music, a scream in the face of urban complacency, and the perfect soundtrack to modern day social malaise. This music will get you revved up for both the protest rally and the commute to work. "Condition Tiephonic" opens with a bubbling murmur of radio transmissions, which is then overpowered by a churning blast of bass-heavy, post-punk, math rock power. "Star Dependant" (sic) is an anthem in the boundary-bending tradition of Sonic Youth and Archers of Loaf; a noisy opening gives way to a shimmering melody, biting lyrics about the cult of fame, and guest vocals from Star Athena. "Prototype II" also blends samples and trumpets with an urgent, Fugazi-style punk rock missive.

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