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Derby-based house producer Martin Iveson released his '96 debut EP, Story, on Mantis Recordings, the label he co-owns with musical maestro Andy McCandless. Nottingham's DiY label noticed the Northerner's knack for producing top-flight house, and commissioned a string of releases and a debut album, That Something, for their premier imprint and downtempo sub-label, DiY Diversions. Soon after, the remixing opportunities began pouring in; to date Iveson has stamped his mark on tracks by Bob Sinclar, Charles Webster, Bayaka, and Miguel Migs, and has contributed releases for labels such as Clearcuts, Static Records, Sense, and Compost.

In the late '90s, Iveson turned his attention back to Mantis, for which he has released a number of excellent signature sounding singles and, in June '01, a stunning sophomore album, Labfunk. Produced with jazz musician Pete Wraight (of Herbert and Charles Webster fame), Labfunk bridges the gap between house and jazz with sublime beat programming, subtle synth sequences, and starry-eyed vocals. "Wrong Type Of Day" is featured on Compost's Future Sounds Of Jazz 8 compilation alongside cuts by Soulpatrol, Shawn Lee, Dan Curtin, Attica Blues, and The Underwolves. A pretty damn fine collection of cuts by any standard.

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