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Adult. vs. Solvent

Adult's style has evolved over the years, bringing retro beats and raw analog sythesizers together with a punk robotic vocal style and odd, postmodern lyricism. Based out of Detroit, Adam Le Miller of Le Car and Nicola Kuperus have been releasing music together since 1998, first with the Dispassionate Furniture vinyl EP on Ersatz Audio and then again that same year under the pseudonym Plasma Co. with Modern Romantics, a release which appeared on the Koln-based Electrecord label. They followed the Plasma Co. release in 1999 with the Entertainment EP on Ersatz Audio -- the record that really established Adult.'s punk "I'm a sexy robot" take on electro. In 2000, the duo released the New-Phonies EP on Rotterdam's Clone label and remixed G.D. Luxxe's "I'm Always Busy" for another Detroit-area label, Interdimensional Transmissions.

Jason Amm of Solvent is a sucker for classic sounds, constructing his characteristic electro from a Roland TR-808, Jupiter 6, and other impossible-to-find vintage gear from the early 80s. A huge fan of Depeche Mode, Human League, and Aphex Twin, Amm blends melodic, catchy analog synth lines with distorted, bubbly beats. Amm co-owns Suction Records with Gregory De Rocher of Lowfish.

Adult.'s remix of Solvent's "Flexidisc" appears on Suction's 2001 release Snow Robots Volume 1.

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