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Abstract Rude and A.T.U.

Abstract Rude came up in a particularly competitive atmosphere as an MC. He cut his teeth in the now-famous L.A. underground rap scene, renowned for its extra live, battle-focused cyphers, which centered around the Good Life Caf? and Project Blowed in the early and mid '90s. Ab developed as an MC under the watchful eyes of the Freestyle Fellowship crew of Volume 10, CVE, and others, becoming known for his deep voice and melodic, somewhat slurred vocal styling on the hooks. As a lyricist he could simultaneously dis wack MCs and call for spiritual and cultural enlightenment.

Abstract Rude has had his hands (and voice) in many projects. He's dropped two solo albums on the down-low -- South Central Thynk Taynk and Mood Pieces (with a little help from his own crew, Absract Tribe Unique aka A.T.U.). He's also recorded an album with Aceyalone and Mikah 9 as Haiku d'Etat, guested on the albums of Bay Area producer Elusive, and graced many a compilation, such as The Funky Precedent and Kool DJ EQ's Process of Elimination, which features "Come On."

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