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764-Hero formed in Seattle as a two-piece band in 1995, featuring John Atkins on vocals and guitar and Polly Johnson on the drum kit. The duo soon released a couple of singles, the album Salt Sinks and Sugar Floats, and the EP We're Solids. With their steady recording regimen and much touring to support their releases, they soon enjoyed a great deal of success while continuing to grow as a indie pop band. Then in 1998, 764-Hero enlisted James Bertram to play bass. He was a member of Red Stars Theory, who had played in Lync and Beck. Get Here and Stay was the band's first album with this new lineup. Then they released a split EP with Modest Mouse entitled Whenever You See Fit, while continuing to tour and build their fan base. The group then released 2000's Weekends of Sound which became their most successful album to date.

The most recent album from 764-Hero, 2002's Nobody Knows This is Everywhere, saw James Bertram depart, and Robin P, a touring member of Modest Mouse, now on bass. This album also sees the group moving away from their long time label Up Records, which basically released all of their past recordings. Produced by Phil Ek, who has worked with Built To Spill, Dinosaur Jr., and Unwound, the new album is perhaps their strongest, most accessible, and catchiest album thus far.