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75 Degrees

75 Degrees is the Original Bay Area hip hop band, just ask them. Or ask their friends. "They are the hip hop Sly and the Family Stone," says friend Isiah Rider in reference their multi-talented, ethnically diverse lineup. "I can't believe that girl ran up on stage. They're tight and all, but damn," said another, after a Maritime Hall show opening for the The Roots when a woman accosted front man Rick Bond onstage and had to be escorted off by security. Sterling lyrical content that is equally as credible in Honors English class as it is on the street is manifested by Bond and fellow dope MC Carl "Big C" Robertson. Beats, production, and turntable rock are provided with extra bump by not one but two DJs (yes, even live), D-Sharp and Malachi. Elegant, stylish, and unabashedly sexy accompaniment on keyboards and bass is supplied by the lovely and scintillating Amy Nicole and Caroline Chung, respectively.

The whole crew is so damn sexy that they have even been known to swap instruments, microphones, and partners in onstage musical orgies, all while playing "What's Your Sign?" Forget Twister, 'cause 75 gets down. Kids love 'em for the dope beats and lyrics. Dads love 'em 'cause they got so much soul. And Moms, well, you'll have to ask Bond and Big C why Moms love 'em 'cause they told me to keep it on the DL. Whether it's hip hop, rap, or just a little boombap and zigga zigga, 75 Degrees have been funking the whole musical family (opening for the The Pharcyde, Common, Digital Underground, Mystik Journeymen, and Gang Starr) since 1998.

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