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7 Notas 7 Colores

7 Notas 7 Colores emerged in Barcelona, Spain in '93 from the ashes of an underground supergroup called Los Poetas Violentos. One night after a Poetas show, an amateur MC named Mucho Muchacho approached the group's producer, Dive Dibosso, with a demo. Dibosso was impressed enough to break ties with Los Poetas in order to work exclusively with Muchacho on what would become classic 7N7C tracks.

It wasn't long before the duo sparked the interest of the Yo Gano label, which was able to win the bidding war by granting 7N7C's request for an imprint label. Muchacho and Dibosso created the label La Madre Records, and released a series of 7N7C singles and the full-length Hecho, Es Simple. In March 2000, the album was nominated for "Best Album" in the "New Artist" category by the hosts of one of the most prestigious music awards in Spain. 7N7C is the first hip hop group ever to receive a nomination.

The group's taut rhythms and trippy, tongue-twisting lyrics have garnered them fans of every stripe, from hip hop heads to rockeros to indies. 7N7C is a far cry from the carbon-copied Mafioso wannabes who recite gangland fairy tales over tired beats. Muchacho's lyrics combine stony party anthems, street life narratives, and a playful teenage nostalgia in a blenderized whirlwind of languages, mixing Spanish and Mexican Spanish with widely recognized Latin slang. All of the songs are stamped with his clever, nasal delivery and wry Spanish humor. With Muchacho's rhymes and Dibosso's restrained production, 7N7C has emerged as the first Spanish-language counterpart to the seminal U.S acts who have been accurately documenting the working class struggle over the fattest beats.

A chance encounter with one of the principals of Kool Arrow Records brought Hecho, Es Simple across the Atlantic. While looking for cover during a brief Spanish rain shower, Juan Brujo (of Brujeria infamy) stumbled into club packed with kids jumping feverishly to the rhythm of 7N7C. Brujo was instantly impressed with Muchacho's ruthless attitude, and the rest is...well, you know. So be thankful that now you don't even need to leave your house to experience the streets of Spain.

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