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The San Francisco Bay Area has always been a fertile ground for dope underground artists; artists who eschew the norms of the mainstream to make music the way they want. Numerous artists from many different waves of Bay Area talent have gone on to become respected worldwide. Riding the crest of the most recent wave are the Living Legends, who started the "unsigned and hella broke" phenomenon, characterized by back alley shows and raw energy on stage. As an artist, producer, engineer, and artist manager, the Living Legends' 427 has always been a strong presence in the scene.

His first effort was an underground tape as a member of Mixed Practice. Then he struck out on his own, independently releasing an EP of solo material. He later pressed up a 12-inch single, "Power," on his own Darcman imprint. He's also produced tracks for almost every prominent artist to come out of the Bay Area underground, including members of the Legends, Kemetic Suns, and others. He owns a studio, where many of these artists record their material. He's also the co-founder of BAT Management, which manages the careers of Cali Agents, Styles Of Beyond, Flyy, and others. Finally, he just put out a new 12-inch on ABB Records. 427 is a shining example the hard work and perseverance that characterizes the Bay Area underground scene.

"Give It To Me" is a featured track from the Asian Improv Records Elephant Tracks compilation. All proceeds from Elephant Tracks go to benefit the Asian Pacific Islander Student Alliances (APISA), based in Santa Cruz, California. For more information about Elephant Tracks, please visit their web site.

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