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27 is an experienced trio from Boston which plays a diverse -- though consistently melancholy -- brand of stark guitar pop. Recalling everything from the dark weirdness of Slint to the downcast glacial fugues of Codeine to the gothic noise of The Swans, 27 shows confidence playing any kind of song, vocalist Maria Christopher's cool, delicate voice imbuing all the band's music with a specific sense of identity and place. Besides Christopher, formerly of the Dirt Merchants, the group features guitarist Ayal Naor (ex-Spore) and drummer Neil Coulon. After forming in 1997, 27 released its first album in 1999, Songs from the Edge of the Wing, on Naor's own Reproductive Records (it's since been reissued). The bleakly pretty "Angel's Share" comes from a seven-inch picture disc the band issued on Kimchee in 2001.

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